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The successful debut of Carberry GmbH at MIMS-2017

The Carberry company summarizes its participation in the international exhibition of automotive parts and components the MIMS Automechanika Moscow that was held recently in Moscow. The results are impressive!

According to automotive industry experts, for a long time the MIMS Automechanika Moscow has established itself as the largest one among the international automotive parts exhibitions held in Eastern Europe and the CIS. Therefore, for any companies participating in the MIMS Automechanika Moscow, the fact of participating in such an impressive forum best demonstrates both the high level of the company and professionalism of its staff. This can be fully attributed to the German company Carberry GmbH which participated in such a prestigious metropolitan international exhibition for the first time. This debut, according to the company’s experts and partners, has proven to be quite successful.

Indeed, this excellent result was partly predictable, the Carberry GmbH has always had and has something to show to its current future potential partners. As a matter of fact, currently the company owns six famous brands, each corresponding to a specific spare parts group. Those are brake system components (BLITZ brand), shock absorbers (TORR brand), parts and components of suspension (FIXAR brand), transmission units (HAFT brand), filters (GREEN FILTER brand), as well as different types of radiators (FREE-Z brand).

During the exhibition, the automotive components and spare parts of all the brands were presented in conjunction with various types of environment, each displaying the key features of a particular brand. For example, the effectiveness of BLITZ brake pads and discs was associated with fire, the strength of the FIXAR suspension parts - with iron or metal, cleanness of GREEN FILTER filters with green grass (ecology), etc. These visual associations, vividly “associated” with branded automotive components by Carberry GmbH, have consistently drawn the attention of many MIMS visitors, ranging from ordinary car owners to spare parts professionals.

The increased interest in the Carberry GmbH’s stand was also related to the fact that the German company has demonstrated a lot of interesting new products. In particular, among the exhibits which attracted the attention of car enthusiasts one could find the TORR air suspension units of original design developed for BMW, MERCEDES, RANGE ROVER enthusiasts, a new series of BLITZ perforated brake discs, FREE-Z brand high-tech water pumps, and much, much more. The stand visitors could both get acquainted with all these products, and immediately get substantive clarification thereon from the company’s leading experts.

It is evident that such practice of trust-based and direct communication with own potential customers and business partners has been appreciated by the professional community. The outcome was quite logical: upon the exhibition completion the company Carberry GmbH contracted immediately four new Federal distributors of spare parts. Thus, we can say that this autumn the presence of all the company’s brands will significantly expand in many Russian regions.

Moreover, regional dealers, chain stores and service stations showed a strong interest in cooperation and promoting the brands of Carberry GmbH. The interest of market professionals is logical, as the company in its marketing strategy focuses specifically on professional sales network, offering high quality products along with effective promotion tools, such as sub-dealer program, promotional materials, as well as information and technical support.

FIXAR: new suspension components for Japanese branded cars

The choice of the Fixar brand spare parts supplied to the Russian market by the German company Carberry GmbH, has expanded significantly by new items.

The products choice expansion mainly covered suspension components for such models as Mitsubishi Lancer, Mitsubishi Outlander, Mazda 6, Nissan Qashqai and some other Japanese branded cars popular in the Russian market. First of all, these are over 180 new rubber bushings and over 50 items of stabilizer bar insulators. 

Currently, the suspension components are very in demand which is not surprising as the condition of domestic roads contributes to it in every way. Needless to say, the quality of these spare parts can be trusted as their reliability largely determines the safety of driver and passengers. Therefore, the Carberry GmbH company that manufactures FIXAR branded suspension and steering components also pays particular attention to quality and reliability.

All factories producing the company's products are certified according to the ISO/TS 16949:2009 system. The comprehensive quality control is maintained through the entire process flow. Before supplying to the consumer each lot of steering and suspension components is tested on stands for a number of key parameters.

All this allows the company experts to assure that the FIXAR suspension components warranty safety and increased service life even in difficult conditions of Russian roads. By the way, all the brand products are covered by 1-year warranty.