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New products from the FIXAR brand in the automotive components market

The company Carberry GmbH announced the next expansion of the auto parts range: more than 100 items of suspension and steering parts, manufactured under the FIXAR brand, are already available for order and another 500 will be available soon. Taking into account the new items, the FIXAR product range will include more than 2,000 articles.

New products are dominated by parts for such car models as HONDA CR-V, HYUNDAI Solaris, KIA Rio, RENAULT Logan, as well as many other popular brands of European, Korean, Japanese cars. Representatives of the Russian car industry were not overlooked; components for cars such as LADA 2101-07 and LADA Largus are in the range of new products.

Taking care of their customers, Carberry specialists have included in the FIXAR program a wide range of parts and assemblies, which make it possible not to change the expensive suspension unit, but to make its high-quality repair, replacing only the failed part.

All products are developed by experienced engineers and combine the most advanced technical solutions. At production of parts, only high-quality materials and the most advanced technologies are used, quality control is carried out throughout the entire process chain. Cost minimization, flexible pricing and one-year product warranty provide the brand with high competitive advantages.

In an effort to improve not only the quality of their products, but also the ergonomics of the auto parts searching and purchasing process, the company's specialists place not only a photo on the brand’s website, but also an assembly scheme, thereby increasing the accuracy and ease of selection for their customers.

Suspension parts from Fixar for VW and AUDI

Specialists of the Carberry GmbH company, which supplies suspension parts under the Fixar trademark to the automotive parts market, reported on updating the set of suspension arms FQ0770 for VW and AUDI cars. Now these sets also include stabilizer bars.

Cars of German brands VW and AUDI are popular among car enthusiasts around the world due to their reliability, durability and maintainability. Therefore, on many roads one can meet these “Germans” of a very respectable age and with an impressive mileage.

This phenomenon is explained not least by the availability of spare parts for these cars. However, the purchase of spare parts and, in the first place, suspension components of dubious quality, does not provide a fundamental solution to the problem: such parts, as a rule, do not last long - and we do not even mention their reliability and durability. 

To repair the suspension “seriously and for a long time,” it is more expedient, safer, and ultimately more profitable to use parts of guaranteed quality from proven brands, for example, FIXAR from Carberry GmbH. Do not forget that the quality and accuracy at manufacturing suspension parts directly affect the car’s handling, which means the safety of the driver and passengers.

Everything is also OK with FIXAR's durability - the safety margin for this brand parts today meets the requirements of automakers, and sometimes even surpasses them. This is what enabled the company to set for the suspension parts an extended one-year warranty that not every manufacturer can afford.

The guarantee of safety, increased operational life and total economic feasibility - all this makes the parts and components of the suspension from FIXAR an attractive and profitable acquisition.