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FIXAR schemes - a convenient technical solution for professionals on the automotive components market

The FIXAR brand, which is a part of the German company Carberry GmbH, combines suspension components and elements - the most important components, as the safety of the driver and passengers directly depends on the quality and reliability of them. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of car suspension systems are not developed for exploitation on insufficiently high-quality roads, therefore these particular details of the mechanism often fail and require repair. As a result, this leads to an uncomfortable ride and, in most cases, it is life-threatening for a driver, passengers and all other traffic participants.

Currently many professionals of the automotive components market have noted certain difficulties in the selection of the constituent parts of such a complex mechanism as a vehicle suspension system. In addition, the original parts of the suspension system are often not supplied separately, which means that even with a small breakdown, you will have to replace the entire expensive unit as a whole. The FIXAR brand assortment contains separate components that allow you to carry out the necessary repair of the suspension system.

To solve the problems mentioned above, exactly to increase the accuracy and facilitate the selection of auto parts, technical specialists of Carberry GmbH have developed visual schemes of the suspension systems, which are presented in the catalog on the website These schemes are presented for almost the full range of the FIXAR brand, moreover they are being constantly updated and supplemented.            

Today the quality of auto parts of the FIXAR brand fully meets the requirements of car manufacturers and sometimes even surpasses them. Exactly this fact has made it possible for the company to install an extended one-year warranty on suspension parts. A guarantee of safety, an increased operational resource and the final economic efficiency - all these advantages make FIXAR suspension components an attractive and profitable acquisition.

Successful performance of Carberry GmbH at MIMS-2019

The German company Carberry GmbH is summing up the impressive results of its participation in the 23rd International Exhibition of automotive spare parts, automotive components, equipment and vehicle maintenance products, the MIMS Automechanika 2019, which was held in August this year in Moscow.

According to experts in the automotive industry, MIMS Automechanika Moscow has secured the status of the largest events among international auto parts exhibitions held in Eastern Europe and the CIS long ago. Participation in it best demonstrates the high status, reliability and performance of the supplier and manufacturer of automotive components. In 2019 more than 1400 companies from 36 countries have presented their products, services and the latest developments at the exhibition.

During 4 exhibition days a professional team of Carberry GmbH has presented the company’s latest products and innovative technologies, as well as clearly demonstrated the products to current and future potential partners. Among the main successfully solved questions the top management of the company highlighted the discussion with partners of plans for further cooperation and development prospects, the establishment of direct business contacts with wholesale and retail companies in automotive components.

It should also be mentioned that the long-awaited new products have been presented at the exhibition: car lamps and wiper blades under the Carberry brand, which will be available on the Russian market this autumn. The range of autolamps includes all the types from miniature lamps to xenon headlights. Wiper blades will be presented in all popular types and designs: frame, frameless and hybrid.

All the visitors of the booth could not only get acquainted with the auto components presented at the company’s stand but also receive substantive explanations on them from leading technical experts. It is obviously that such trusting practice of direct communication with the potential customers and business partners has been appreciated by the professional community.

The result is quite logical: both regional dealers, chain stores and service stations have showed great interest in cooperation and brand promotion with Carberry GmbH. The interest of market professionals is evident as the company focuses on a professional sales network in its marketing strategy, offering along with a high-quality product effective tools for its promotion, such as a sub-dealer program, a certification program for outlets and service stations, advertising materials, as well as information, marketing and technical support.